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Ojai Garden Spa

Massage Therapy Intake form

We look forward to our session with you. We like to take care of all of the forms ahead of time so on the day of your appointment you can just relax. 


Before your session, please fill out the appropriate forms and submit them. 

Follow the steps below to get them completed and on file. 

Massage Therapy Intake Form

Essential Oil Preference
Relaxation Blend ( Lavender Vanilla Sandalwood )
Which massage modality were you hoping to receive?
Are you a guest with the Lavender Inn?
Are you using a membership account?

 Bodywork is essential to maintaining quality of life.  Our team has extensive experience in the art of massage therapy, and we are committed to creating a unique and personalized experience for each of our guests. 

Our body treatments are second to none, designed to rejuvenate your body and nourish your skin. Hot stone therapy, wraps and exfoliations with local native herbs make these sessions unforgettable. 

Our facials use the finest ingredients and latest techniques to make sure your skin is left glowing, healthy and radiant. We exclusively use Earthtonics products for our facials.

For those interested in further exploration of the mind-body connection, we also offer online meditation, prayer, and other empowering resources to help you nurture yourself on your walk.

Services We Provide

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