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Hot Stone Massage

Adding hot stones into your massage can be a life changing experience. Hot stones have been used with healing and body work for lifetimes. There is something incredibly soothing, grounding and nurturing when stones are incorporated into massage therapy. They really help melt the stress right off of the muscles while maintaing that deep connection to the earth so many of us desire and work hard to maintain. Hot stones are a warm, soothing experience and encouraged in every massage. We only offer this session in 90 minutes because it takes a lot of time to integrate the stones into the session and 60 minutes always feels rushed.

Our garden gazebo massage is truly a lovely one of a time experience. Guests continually tell us what a different sense of peace they get from being surrounded by trees, outdoors to hear the birds, fountains and outside noises while they drift off into their massage. We have curtains for privacy while you undress and get onto the table. Our tables are heated in the winter, but ceiling fans keep us cool for most of the summertime as well.

Cancellation Policy

  • No shows will be charged the full amount.

  • Day of session will be charged half of the amount unless a reschedule is done.

  • Reschedules are free.

Contact Details

Ojai Garden Spa at the Lavender Inn,

212 East Matilija Street, Ojai, CA, USA

(805) 256 - 2690

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