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The Citrus Bloom in March

Before we start, our hours have changed, we're now taking appointments at 9:30 am and closing at 7pm. Different from our usual 10 am to 5 pm winter hours. As the sun sets later and the days are longer, we'd like to keep our doors open longer as well.

To honor the invigorating citrus bloom in our Ojai Valley this month we've created a refreshing citrus exfoliation combined with a relaxing massage. This package is infused with citrus oils and pure vitamin c and e and will leave you feeling polished and relaxed!

If you're wondering what's with all this bloom talk, once a year the orange trees in the Ojai Valley bloom and it is intoxicating, but in a great way! Citrus has incredible aromatic benefits, its emotionally uplifting, perfect for bringing you out of the winter blues. It has powerful antioxidants as well as supporting to your immune system. It eliminates germs and toxins and is a mood lifter that smells incredible! So now imagine that times a zillion.. wait a minute I can just show you LOL

All those green farms, oh yeah, they're about to invigorate us right into pure bliss! So that is what we're going to try and share with you with this new Citrus Package. Did I mention we got a keg of Kombucha.. citrus flavored? Well we did that too and you'll get a glass at the end of your session with us. Cheers to gut healing and self love.

Not only is this going to leave you smiling, but we are also doing some great things to your body with the ingredients we've chosen within this package. There have been numerous studies done and the science is in, vitamin c and vitamin e oils are incredible for the body and skin.

We hope you love this package as much as we do! Bring on the citrus and vitamin c!

Don't forget, we have a 15% off for locals discount and this package is discounted as well at only $175 for 90 minutes.

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