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Matilija Poppy Package Special for February

This month we honor LOVE and celebrate it in its essence by remembering the old myth of our valley, a love story which encompasses the an old Chumash legend, a beautiful native flower and a story founded right here in our Valley. This is about a chief who now lay as the mountain range in the east, throughout our whole valley all the way to the Matilija Canyon in the west. The story goes on to tell of Chief Matilijas daughter, Amatil, of whom fell madly in love with her fathers greatest warrior, Cocopah.

The tribes in the valley were in a time of great unrest and it was time for Chief Matilija to go to war with a neighbor tribe. With his greatest warriors along side of him they went head on into battle ,but tragedy struck when Cocopah fell in battle and died. After the battle, the warriors carried his lifeless corpse back home. Amatil's heart sank as she saw them approach, she ran to his body and fell onto him. Heart broken as she lay atop his chest, she died right there, love sick at the site of her soul mate gone, she took her last breath. Their hearts lay together one on top of another and slowly merged to become a golden light.

Before the eyes of those surrounding, Cocopah and Amatil vanished, and all that remained was the beautiful flower with pure white petals symbolizing their love and a bright yellow golden center to represent the everlasting brilliance of their love where their hearts combined. We know this flower as the Matilija Poppy and you will find it in abundance throughout our valley today.

This month we honor that core essence of love regardless if its coming from within you for another person such as Amatil felt for Cocopah. Or for yourself and you're practicing self love like many of us here at the Ojai Garden Spa at the Lavender Inn. Our Matilija Poppy Package infuses the essence of this love within a 20 minute foot bath with local native herbs and salts followed by a wonderful Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage as you're nestled in on our heated table in our Garden Gazebo (weather permitting.)

We've discounted this package for 1 or 2 people so couples can enjoy this feature or those of you practicing self love and visiting us solo this month can appreciate it as well. May our hearts encompass the love that Amatil felt for Cocopah. We hope that when you visit us your heart radiates this love wherever you are on your walk in life, and that when you leave our garden you feel as vibrant as the Matilija poppy and your heart shines beauty like the golden center of its core.

Book the Matilija Poppy Package today...

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