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Skullcap Herb

Safety: Do not use this herb during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. This herb may increase the sedative effects of antidepressants, barbiturates and benzodiazepines.

Botanical Name: scutellaria lateriflora
aka: American Skullcap, Blue Pimpernel, Blue Skullcap, Escutelaria, Grande Toque, Helmet Flower, Hoodwort, Mad-Dog Herb, Mad-Dog Skullcap, Mad-Dog Weed, Mad Weed, Quaker Bonnet, Scullcap, Scutellaria, Scutellaire, Scutellaire de Virginie, Scutellaire Latériflore, Scutelluria, Toque Bleue, Toque Casquée, Toque des Marais.
Origin: USA
Notes: Approximately 14 cups dried herb per lb. Kosher Certified.

Skullcap Herb

Skullcap is a perennial member of the mint family that naturally occurs in North America and other temperate zones throughout the world. Although it was formerly introduced to early European settlers by Native Americans, the herb has been in use in China for centuries, where it is known as Huang Qin.

The dried herb is typically used in teas and to make infusions and tinctures.

Some uses include:

Cosmetic: Infuse in oil for use in making salves, lotions and other cosmetic products.
Culinary: Excellent for tea, especially in the evening or during times of stress. May also be tinctured.
Active compounds: Tannins, Flavonoids, Volatile oil, Bitter iridoids