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Aloe Vera Extract Powder

Active Ingredients: Aloe Polysaccharides
Specifications: Aloin: <3 ppm
Aloe Polysaccharides: 29%-38.8% UV

Appearance: white fine powder
Plant of Origin: Aloe vera L.
Part used: Gel

Aloe Vera Extract Powder

Aloe Vera is an excellent preparation to use for skin conditions such as allergies, abscesses, fungal infections, pyoderma, and many types of dermatitis. Wounds and burns respond particularly well to Aloe Vera. It can aid the natural healing processes and help to keep the wound or burn moist and supplied with nutrients. More effective than aloe liquid gel.

reduces scarring in burns; skin ulcers and other lesions
relieves pain from sunburn and burns and helps these to heal quickly by stimulating fibroblast and connective tissue formation, and by stimulating the epidermal growth and repair process
has rejuvenating effects
has been shown to have an invigorating effect on skin when applied on a regular basis
excellent emollient, making it soothing and calming to the skin
antiseptic and antibacterial, acting against a number of different bacteria and fungi

Possible Usage In
Use it to make an aloe vera gel
Soothing spritzers and toners
Baby products for its soothing properties
Pre- and After-Sun Protection products that help to treat: sunburn; overexposure to radiation (it also helps to protect against solar radiation)
Burn treatment products
Formulas that reduce scars on the skin
Skin irritation treatment products
Nappy rash creams and lotions
Acne treatment formulas
Sore treatment products treating: small sores; herpes; shingles; insect bites; wounds; varicose ulcers; and other sores which are slow to heal
Products for itchy scalp
Anti-dandruff shampoo-conditioners
Eczema treatment products
Psoriasis treatment products
Compresses; Poultices and Plasters – make the powder into an Aloe Vera Gel, or use the fresh botanical material
Mouth Washes and Gargles