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Body Treatments 

Body Treatments can be a delicious way to spoil and polish your skin with absolute love. There's nothing like an exfoliation with all organic herbs and salts combined with oils rich in nutrients for your skin leaving it polished, soft, and hydrated.


Or try dipping your hands into warm paraffin wax after embalming them in our hydrating lotion to open up your pores and let them absorb right in. It feels so good on cold winter days or for our friends with sore hands or arthritis.


Our herbal Himalayan salt foot bath soothes your tired feet in warm steaming infused water while the therapist massages your aching foot muscles and bones. Every day is a good day for a foot bath, especially one of ours. 

We've been doing body treatments for years and have various customizable options, so please call us if you're looking for something specific that you don't see on our menu. 


Body Hydration
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