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Meet Kali

Holistic Health Practitioner


Ojai Garden Spa at the Lavender Inn in Ojai, Ca is my sanctuary for wellness. This is a new business, but I have been practicing massage and studying modalities for the last 20 years. The menu is a reflection of my favorite herbal blends, modalities, and practices that have helped me most on my own journey of healing and loving myself. 

I am a native Ojai resident, these mountains have always been my playground. The native herbs are my medicine. I am so excited to share its magic with you. We grow all of our locally harvested herbs and honey on my farm at the East End of the Ojai Valley. 

I hope that this space can be a space of healing and self-love for you too. 



Chrones Disease, 
Acid Reflux and more...

Massage Therapist will rub the abdomen with slow deep circular motions clockwise, encouraging the blood flow and digestion. 

Women's Health

There is an entire blueprint to woman's health mapped within our body and upon our bones, joints and muscles. The forbidden pregnancy points restore balance and can help in crucial times of change. From puberty, pregnancy, post pregnancy, pre menopausal, to post menopausal and everything before and in between our bodies seek balance. These points, have been used for thousands of years in ancient cultures on women to restore balance within our ever changing bodies.

Weight Loss & Stress Relief

Weight loss can be triggered by a number of things. What we can support in that is helping you find balance. For some weight loss can be triggered by stress relief, of which massage can help a great deal with, but there are so many different factors. Its misleading to say you can book a massage and lose weight, but it can certainly help support you in finding balance, self love and stress relief on your journey for self.

Why Holistic Bodywork?

It can help with

Why Holistic Bodywork?

Fatigue & Body Aches

Massage will help your muscles heal. Rubbing the muscles and using pressure facilitates circulation by breaking up congested areas and then allowing a flush of blood with the release of pressure. This increase in blood flow to muscle tissue feeds your cells both oxygen and nutrients.


The physical stimulation created through massage therapy treatments helps dissolve and eliminate toxin buildup in the tissues. They are released into the bloodstream, which then works to transport them out of the body through excretion. 

Facials ( coming soon)

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